Things You Should Know Before You Go To Sailing

Sailing is one the most loved sports as well as hobby of the people who live near the sea coast. If you don’t know how to sail, then you can get sailing lessons. However, before you join your sailing classes, you should be aware of the basic terminology of the sailing so that when any experienced person or your trainer asks you to do something, then you can do it correctly. The reason behind this is that every sport or activity has its different terminology and an understanding of these terminologies help to learn sailing charters better.

Here are a few basic words that you should know:

Starboard and Port – These are the most basic terms used while sailing which confuse a lot of people. To easily understand these terms, you just have to know that they mean left and right. Standing in the direction of the motion of the boat, right side is your starboard and left is your port. If it still confuses you then you can use a simple trick that ‘port’ and ‘left’, both have four letters in them.

Windward and Leeward – You know what importance the wind has in sailing. Thus, the terms related to it are very important for you to know. Windward means sailing in the direction of the wind while leeward states the opposite direction.

Rudder – If you don’t know what the rudder is and where it is on the boat then it is hard for you to sail because this is the main part which steers your boat. The boats have rudder connected to steer wheel.